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The second incarnation of the Transgenics RP



The year is 2028. NexStep Genetics, founded in 2003, appears to the public to be one of a small, elite handful of genetics corporations, making optimised embryos - the best possible combination of two people's genes, colloquially known as 'designer babies' - for those parents who can afford it; they jump through all the usual hoops that big corporations have to jump through, including the occasional lawsuit from various disgruntled people, but nobody really suspects they could be doing anything more shady than various types of white-collar crime or conducting genetic experiments on embryos and/or animals.

The truth is far nastier. The bulk of their operations are in a similar and yet very different field: creating human (or at least sentient) genetic experiments. Some are commissioned by various entities with a need for special forces and lots of cash to spare, but most are made by and for the company itself.

NexStep and its scientists are rather detached from the moral issues of what they do for a living (largely because they don't view the transgenics as real people), and focused more on efficiency than most people would be, but they aren't downright sadistic in the name of science (i.e. doing cruel things just to see what happens).

If the experiments ask questions about their lives or their origins, the staff simply don't answer them; after twenty or so years of this treatment, the transgenics are more inclined to speculate amongst themselves than to ask (as opposed to eavesdropping on) ask anyone who works for NexStep. The staff are under orders not to talk directly to the experiments about these things, but there's no rule against discussing them near them; therefore, over the years, quite a few of them have overheard things they shouldn't have.


PC Recombinants

PC Staff

NPC Recombinants

  • Sarah (Designation AL98046) - deceased
  • Daniel (Designation AL24582)
  • Kestrel (Designation AL80426-1)
  • Robin (Designation AL80426-2)
  • Icarus (Designation AL37182)
  • Esaris (Designation P42715)
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